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Comforting Lighting for a Cozy Evening

People respond to light, and well-designed lighting products can positively affect how we feel. They can make us feel focused and energetic, happy, sleepy, or in the case of NorbCOZY, they can make us feel comfortable and cozy, as does candlelight.

What makes NorbCOZY the right choice for illuminating your relaxation space?

  • Specialized spectrum replicates candle light and fire light, without the flickering.
  • Helps us to relax, unwind, feel calm and comfortable, the pleasant way to feel when enjoying a good meal and conversation.
  • Vintage antique style bulb with a twist for a nostaligic yet modern setting.
  • More energy efficient than incandescent Edison-style bulbs, using 1/10th of the electricity of incandescent equivalents.
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